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Dr. David Ho and Earvin "Magic" Johnson reflect on twenty years of living with HIV. 


Dr. Ho and Earvin "Magic" Johnson

 November 7, 2011 marked the 20th anniversary of Magic Johnson's announcement that he had been infected with HIV. Johnson's courageous announcement, at a time when there was no effective treatment for HIV/AIDS, created a lot of awareness about the epidemic and how the virus is transmitted.  


Dr. David Ho, who has been a part of his treatment team since the beginning, had the pleasure to speak at a press conference organized by the Magic Johnson Foundation to commemorate the anniversary.  


'It is sufficient to say that Magic's virus is under control, but no one is cured of HIV infection,' explained Dr. Ho. 'The virus is still present, which is why Earvin continues to take this medication. Our Hall of Famer is now the symbol of treatment success ... what he gets is typical of what most American patients receive.' You can watch Dr. Ho's talk at the Magic Johnson Foundation event here.



Meet our Scientists
Jordana Reis, PhD
Jordana Reis, PhD

Jordana Reis, PhD, a post-doctoral fellow in  Dr. Moriya Tsuji's laboratory, was introduced to research science as a teenager in her native country, Brazil. She was recruited to participate in a Scientific Vocational Program created by the prestigious Fundação Osvaldo Cruz, which brought high school students into a research laboratory for a three-year after-school internship.  


Dr. Reis's group focused on the role of the immune system in tropical parasitic and retroviral infections. After this unique experience, at only 17  

years old, she wanted to pursue a scientific carrier as an immunologist.  


She graduated with a BS in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Biochemistry, followed with an MS and PhD in Microbiology and Immunology at the Federal University of Minas Gerais. Her work at ADARC focuses in defining the immunological response of specific subsets of immune cells, mainly T cells, against malaria and HIV infection, and their application for vaccine development.   



Sebla Kutluay, PhD
Sebla Kutluay, PhD
Sebla Kutluay, PhD, a post-doctoral fellow in Dr. Paul Bieniasz's laboratory, has been awarded a Mathilde Krim Fellowship in Basic Biomedical Research from amfAR to identify novel RNA-protein interactions in HIV particle genesis.


HIV-1 is a retrovirus which incorporates its genetic material (RNA) into host cells. The interaction of RNA with different proteins is an important factor in the replication cycle of the virus, as well as in host defenses against infection.  Dr. Kutluay will study the specific role of the RNA-binding proteins Gag, APOBEC3G and 3F by utilizing next-generation sequencing . Gag mediates all major steps in HIV-1 assembly, and APOBEC3 proteins are host cell restriction factors. Her project will give unprecedented insights into how viral and cellular RNAs and proteins interact. 


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